We have prepared this web site as a witness to Tirrena Scavi S.p.A.’s company activities in the forty years following its establishment.


The company began its business activities in 1973 in the city of Viareggio and since then, thanks to the valuable collaboration of its managers, technical staff and skilled workers, has constantly advanced and gained expertise in the civil engineering and road construction fields, thereby creating a competent business organization capable of being competitive on a national and international scale.


Since the start, Tirrena Scavi has placed particular attention on foreign markets. In 1975, in fact, it commenced its first work experience abroad by setting up a subsidiary branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where, for the following ten years, it carried out major road infrastructure projects.

After these operations in Saudi Arabia the company performed other important civil engineering projects in the newly founded Republic of Slovenia; in Egypt it has undertaken projects in the field of hydraulic works.

Since 1994 Tirrena Scavi has been undergoing construction projects in Romania; its headquarters there are in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. The efficient business organization it has established there has allowed it to execute complex and varied projects in different areas of the country.


The company has expanded its sphere of interest in the international market through the establishment of the Tirrena Scavi Libya company in Tripoli, confirming the company tradition of being present with its operations in emergent countries.


The dynamism and enthusiasm that so characterized the Company’s start now blend together with 40-years of entrepreneurial experience and know-how.

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